Got Swag? 18 Mindblowing Pics of the Bad Girls All Star Battle Estate

By Oxygen

From Las Vegas to Atlanta to Mexico, the Bad Girls have lived, loved and fought in some seriously pimped-out pads. But none have been more stunning than the Bad Girls All Star Battle mansion.

This Spanish-Colonial villa in the Los Angeles area sits atop a mountain with 360-degree views of equestrian riding fields and dramatic rock formations. Its walls are bathed in pink bougainvillea. The house contains 17,000 square feet, including a billiards room; a tap room; a wine cellar; and bedrooms with mini-kitchens (stocked with hot pockets, we're sure).

The property contains approximately 30,000 square feet of barns, guest houses, a lake, pools and riding arenas. Best of all: the jacuzzi "grotto" area with a waterfall and wet bar. We we can only imagine...

Check out these mind-blowing pics of the estate where the baddest of the bad will face off starting May 21!


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