Here's What Happened on Part 2 of the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Reunion (PHOTOS)

By Lauren Zupkus

On Part 2 of the Bad Girls All Star Battle reunion, we pick up where we left off: in the middle of a brawl between Flo and Jenn's sister, Jasmine. And that's not the only feud going down onstage. Way back on the premiere episode, Mehgan vowed to "beat Natalie's a** at the reunion." By the looks of things, she has every intention of keeping her promise. When Natalie flees the scene like a true "international bitch" to catch a flight to Brazil, Mehgan takes out her anger on one unlucky security guard. Ouch. We also see the return of ShanRock, Paula gets to speak her peace about being the pink team's "decoy," and Danni actually apologizes for all of her Twitter bullying. Nobody saw that coming! Check it out in the recap photo gallery. 


Here's What Happened on Part 1 (photos) 

Mehgan vs. Natalie... and her security guard 

ShanRock returns 

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