Jenn, The Baddest Bad Girl Ever...with 42 Hot Pics to Prove It!

By Lauren Zupkus

All throughout Bad Girls All Star Battle, we stayed crushin' on Jenn. Not only was she stunning when she got dolled up for a night the club, but her athletic prowess during the challenges made her even hotter! Ripped arms, toned legs...  we wish we looked that good when we worked out. So to pay our respects to the leading lady, we've gathered a bunch of hot Behind-the-Scenes pics of Jenn doing everything from prepping for challenges, to lounging in the bedroom, to doing her makeup... there's even one photo of her taking out the trash! The best part? She looks amazing in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of them. With that winning smile (get it... winning) and her occasional goofy pose, it's clear Jenn loves the camera, and the camera loves her. We do too! So click inside the photo gallery to check out our Bad Girl All Star Battle winner in these adorable photos. 

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Jenn Wins All Star Battle! 

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Watch a Finale Sneak Peek 

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