Jenn's Planning a 'Bad Girl, Good Mommy' Clothing Line!

By Oxygen

On the Bad Girls All Star Battle reunion last night, Jenn revealed her pregnancy to the world! She's having a girl, and she's got a plan with a brand! While she's busy getting her brother out of the system (read her full winner's Q&A for more details on his status!), she's also using the prize money to devise a fun business plan inspired by her little girl. Turns out, having a baby and $100,000 can yield some pretty adorable results. We asked her what's in her future, and here's what she told us:

"I'm currently pregnant so I'm awaiting my baby's arrival. I have a big move back to Dallas from Cali. I also have business plans with the money, in light of becoming a mother. I'm having a little girl! Everyone tells me 'you're having a daughter, not a doll!' which is funny, but I'm still trying to come up with a 'mommy & me' clothing line. I want to build my 'Bad Girl, Good Mommy' brand! I can’t throw the Bad Girl out just yet!" 

Our girl sure is busy. Be sure to look out for Jenn's Bad Girl Good Mommy brand on a rack near you! 

Watch Part 2 of the Reunion Tuesday at 8/7c!


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