Poll Time! Who SHOULD Have Won 'Bad Girls All Star Battle?'

By Lauren Zupkus


After weeks of hard challenges, even harder partying and the occasional pop-off, Bad Girls All Star Battle has finally come to an end. On last night's season finale, Jenniffer beat out 13 other Bad Girls and claimed both the title of Baddest Bad Girl Ever and the hefty prize of $100,000. Jenn has been crowned winner, and no Bad Girl scheme or alliance can change that. But it's always fun to pretend! In this poll, vote for you who YOU thought should have won, whether it's Jenn, Flo, or even those who didn't make it past the premiere. Cast your vote here!


Tune into Part One of the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Reunion Tuesday July 16 at 8/7c! 


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