Poll Time! Who Were the Baddest BFFs on 'All Star Battle?'

By Lauren Zupkus

We all know Bad Girls tend to make enemies before they make friends, so in the rare instances that they do get along, it's pretty freakin' adorable. On All Star Battle, four duos stood out as BFFS with an unbreakable bond: Paula and Jenniffer, ShanRock, The Victor Twins, and Natalie and Flo. Scroll to hear our cases for each pair of pals, and then place your vote for your favorite Bad Girl BFFs!

Jenniffer and Paula



Even though they were on different teams from the get-go, Paula and Jenniffer did pretty much everything together: pushups before challenges, snuggle sessions, pillowtalk about Paula's love for Ray J, and allllll that mushy stuff that best girlfriends do. Jenniffer even shed some tears when Paula got eliminated, and we totally felt her pain. The two had such a real relationship because they weren't concerned about alliances and strategy... they just saw each other as best friends. 



Then there's Shannon and Rocky: so damn close that they literally mashed their name together for an AWESOME nickname, ShanRock! We all know the girls loved to get their drank on together and had eachother's backs if any pop-offs ensued. But probably the most touching moment was when Shannon showed her undying support of Rocky when Rocky got the tragic news that her father passed. Without hesitation, Shannon packed her bags when Rocky did and went home with Rocky to help her grieve.

Danni and Gabi  

The Victor Twins were the first to remind us all that blood is thicker than water, and no matter what, the sisters had each other's backs. Even when the odds were stacked against them, they always rooted for each other and their teamwork helped earn them both spots in the final four. Being twin sisters AND best friends made them an easy target at elimination, as many of the girls felt threatened by their double trouble. Danni and Gabi are a total package deal. 

Natalie and Flo 

Natalie and Flo? More like best FRENEMIES... yet we couldn't leave them off this list. Despite the fact that they defined a love-hate relationship on their season of Bad Girls Club AND again on All Star Battle, these two chicas stuck together as the O.G. Bad Girls. Even Tanisha admitted at the reunion that despite the fact that they were two of the most manipulative players in the house, they truly did stick by each other until the stakes got super high.

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