Q&A with Amber, Season 3: "We're All There for One Thing...Money"

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Amber is from Season 3, the oldest season to make an appearance on Bad Girls All Star Battle -- and she's here to show these newbies what's up. For instance, she can clearly out-fart all of them. Read what this high-larious Bad Girl veteran had to say about bullies, about the competition, and all about the cold hard cash. Watch the premiere May 21 at 9/8c!

What have you been up to since being on BGC?

I now have an active career in Real Estate in both Maui, Hi and Los Angeles, CA.  So if you are looking for property... I'm your girl.  ;)  Don't let my silly attitude on television fool you, I am a monster when it comes to work.  I am very passionate about helping others and giving back and now work for Amerifi Realty, a real estate company, that specializes in helping struggling homeowners get approved for loan modifications.  I also travel, host events and parties, and will make an appearance on any television show that will take me.  If you want to know more find me on twitter at @ambermeade or email me at ambermeade@hotmail.com

What was the most fun part of being on the show? How about the worst part?

The best part was definitely the competition aspect. I was never involved in athletics and my family didn't encourage competition growing up so I had no idea how much fun it was. Whenever I am put in competitive situations I either don't care, just plain suck at it, or I end up cheating to win. I absolutely loved that there was a $100,000 prize on the line and it actually got me excited to compete.  I didn't assume I was going to win because I was really out of shape and was going against some powerful athletes but I figured if I take the "Al Davis" approach I might actually have a chance to crush these girls and take home the prize. 

The worst part of the show is probably that when you are competing for such a large sum of money it can bring out the worst in you and others.  I did things I am not necessarily proud of, but it they were not done with poor intentions -- but just done poorly.  My actions on the show are not at all an accurate reflection of who I am as a person.  It's just TV ;)

You were on Season 3, the oldest season on the show. Did that have any bearing on your relationships with the other girls?

Yeah, it definitely did. I personally have a negative attitude towards the newer seasons, I try and fight it but to no avail. I just more so feel like it has became a competition of who can be "baddest" as opposed to it being a "learning experience where you grow".  These girls are too caught up on what each other is doing rather than just letting themselves shine.  They’re constantly worried about people riding their d*cks when they should be learning from them, and saying ‘oh jumping people makes you look stupid.'

I'm not saying my season was perfect , I mean we were a mess, too, but we weren't trying to be the “baddest bad girl,” we weren’t trying to compete with past seasons. Everybody was unique and an individual.  Now, it just seems like individuality has been tossed to the side and group mentality took over.  These girls are becoming arrogant bullies and that's just a bad look. 

How old are you?

I am 30 but I act 24.  I think the key to youth is by acting younger than you really are.  

What made you want to join All Star Battle?

I play Scratchers all the time and that’s a 1 in 26 million chance of winning, so I figured a 1 in 14 chance of winning $100,000 is better odds! 

What would you do with the prize money if you won it?

Building a nonprofit helping homeowners that are about to lose their homes. I work for a for profit company and we help people save their homes, but it's frustrating because I have to turn people away that have no idea what they are doing and will lose their home.  The prize would be the seed money to get this nonprofit started so I can help the people that need it the most.  

Will fans of BGC be seeing a new Amber on TV this time?

Fans will not get to see the "real me".  On this show it was a competition and I felt the need to do whatever it took to win.  In real life I am a great person with a wonderful story but on TV none of that matters. The only thing in this show that mattered was the 100K.

What do you think fans will love the most about All Star battle?  

Me of course. LOL kidding. I think the fans are gonna be excited to see all the characters that they miss, but this isn’t the same as Bad Girls Club. We’re all there for one thing: to win money.

Watch 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesday May 21 at 9/8c!


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