Q&A With Danni, Season 8: The Other Bad Girls Sound Like "Nails on a Chalkboard"

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As a Season 8 Bad Girl and 1/2 of the Gabi/Danni twin set, she raised hell. Now she's ready to take on Bad Girls All Star Battle with a competitive, raging fury. Read what Danni had to say about her life since BGC, about working with her twin sister Gabi, and about the other girls in the competition. 

What have you been up to since being on BGC?

Hey there coming from 1/2 of America’s hated...I mean favorite twins! Since Bad Girls Club I have been traveling with Gabi, promoting clothing lines, perfecting my makeup artist skills, and planning a future in talk show bizz. Who wouldn’t want two hot twins interviewing your favorite celebrities? I know right, everyone would.

What made you want to join All Star Battle?

I love being on camera so why would I turn down All Star Battle? Plus, winning an extra 100,000 would be nice....

Will fans of BGC be seeing a new Dani/Gabi on TV this time?

Me and Gabi were considered “bullies” on our season of BGC. This time around people will see us in a new light. We actually get a glimpse at real-life bullies and what desperate bitches will do for 50 cents.

What do you think fans will love the most about All Star battle?  

...People can look forward to their favorite bad girls turning it all the way up.

What was the most fun part of being on the show? How about the hardest part?

The only thing fun about this show was building strong friendships that I was able to maintain outside of the house. The hardest part was living with a bunch of ugly, monster size, obnoxious, narcissistic, up to no good, sociopath actresses. I would have rather jumped into the nearest canal and drowned than listen to some of these girls' voices everyday. Nails on a chalkboard doesn’t describe it. 

What was it like to reconnect with your fellow season members?

Well I would say that it was an interesting experience that I get to see Gabi everyday. As for other members of Season 8 clearly they were not ALL STARS and didn’t make the cut. Told yah’ll hoes the twins were the stars! 

Did you learn anything about yourself while on the show? 

I am a strong ass bitch mentally and physically. No one and nothing will stop be from TRYING to succeed. Are you ready to rock out with me this season of ALL STARS? #TEAMDANNI! Follow me on twitter @IAmDanniV and on instagram @xxodanielle :) 

Tune in May 21 9/8c to the premiere of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle


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