Q&A with Julie, Season 9: "A Shining Example to Our Youth of What Not to Do"

By Lauren Zupkus

The scheming ice queen from Season 9, Boston Bad Girl Julie always had some shady tricks hiding up her sleeves. This time, she surprised us yet again... because she's freaking hilarious. Read on to find out what "poor life decisions" Julie's been up to and fall in love with her sarcasm like we did. And of course, don't forget to root her on on Bad Girls All Star Battle

What have you been up to since being on BGC?

Since BGC, I've just continued making poor life decisions so I can be a shining example to our youth of what not to do. I've also been recording music, and people pay me to do their makeup.

What made you want to join All Star Battle?

Truthfully, I wanted to join All Star Battle because Boston was really cold and I wanted to go somewhere warm. Also, Dani & Gabi were going and the 3 of us are sort of a package deal. Oh, and potentially there's $100k paycheck, so that was a bit of an incentive.

Will fans of BGC be seeing a new Julie on TV this time?

Fans will absolutely see a new side of me on All Star Battle. I wasn't up to my usual tricks. That sh*t doesn't work when everyone has already seen you do it on TV before. Go figure. 

What do you think fans will love the most about All Star battle?

I think the fans will love watching the people who clearly do no physical activity besides eating a whole pizza without breathing attempt to compete in an athletic competition...for example, me. 

What was the most fun part of being on the show? How about the worst part?

The most fun part about being on the show were interviews because I could be by myself for a few hours without hearing the zoo animals I lived with yelling at each other. Also, Judi drinking was always a good time. The worst part was having to see Natalie without makeup in the morning because she looks like a disease infested stray dog. 

What was it like to reconnect girls from your season?

Honestly, being able to work things out with Erika & Mehgan was one of the best things to happen for me during this show. I think the fans will find it interesting to watch our relationships change.

Has being on the show changed your outlook?

Being on the show really hasn't changed my outlook on anything, although it's potentially the cause of my budding alcoholism and lack of work ethic as of recently. 

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