Q&A with Natalie, Season 4: "Some Have It, and Some Just Don't"

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Natalie is one polarizing Bad Girl: you either love her or you don't. But it goes both ways: she either loves you...or she really, really doesn't. How will this all play out on Bad Girls All Star Battle? Read our Q&A with the Season 4 diva.  

What have you been doing since BGC?

Since BGC- Ive been doing a lot of things. I had my own talk show Tea Party with Natalie Nunn that aired in all the local homes of Los Angeles.  I have been hosting events internationally in London, Bermuda, Barbados everywhere.  I’m a lovely wife to Jacob my husband.  We got married on WE tv's  Bridezilla and things have been great. 

What made you want to join Bad Girls All Star Battle?

I wanted to join Bad Girls All Star Battle because I've always been an athlete.  I played soccer at USC, and I ran track for the USA Junior Olympics… I always hoped Oxygen would come with a challenge show for the Bad Girls that would be physical and mental.

Will fans be seeing a whole new Natalie in the show?

The fans will see Natalie has matured since season 4 of Bad Girls Club, but Im not going to let people ever walk all over me...so if I have to turn up the heat, I will be turning it up.

What should fans look forward to the most?

I think the fans will love the drama.  But since it’s different, girls from different seasons all in one house, they know they’re going to get the fights, catty bitches and of course interacting with each other.

Best part of being on the show? Hardest part?

The best part about being on the show were  the challenges, they were a blast.  Don’t get me wrong, they were hard and challenging, but I had a blast.  The hardest part was just how draining it was: a lot of work and being away from my comfort zone..(my world, my husband, my dog, my bed) was just too much. 

What was it like to reconnect with Flo?

Seeing Flo was cool.  We have our ups and downs but I have no hard feelings towards her.  She’s a great mother to her daughter. I have to say Im proud of her.

What did you think of the girls from the other seasons?

I thought honestly the girls from the other seasons just weren’t really star quality.  They don’t have the whole package.  My opinion: I thought Jen and Paula were pretty and all around great girls.  I thought Amber was sweet, smart and beautiful. I thought Erika from Cabo Mexico season was very entertaining and an awesome personality as well. Everyone else just didn’t stand out enough to me. Sort of followers and could never stand alone.

What did you learn about yourself while on the show?

I learned a lot while I was on the show. I saw why and how these girls could really hate me.  Only two of the girls in the house had ever met me before and actually had a conversation with me...but they all claimed to “HATE” me.  How can you hate someone you never met or even spoke to before? I learned why I’ve gone further than the rest of them in the “bad girl” world.  It all comes down to work ethic and drive. Some have it and some just don’t.  I also saw that I’m in decent shape. I was able to handle my own on this show.

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