Q&A with Stasi, Season 7: "The Simple Chick Who Loves to Shop at Walmart"

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She looks sweet, but don't be fooled. Season 7's Stasi is fierce on Bad Girls All Star Battle. We spoke to her about her experience on Battle, about her new life as a businesswoman, and why this simple Sacramento girl would give it all back if she could. 

What have you been up to since being on BGC?

Since BGC7 I have been in a movie, wrote a book, as well as set up a brand with its first release being my hair line Suppa Badd "Hair Edition."

What made you want to join All Star Battle?

I was very apprehensive at first about do All Stars. I was not up for another BGC experience but I was told it would be nothing like that so against better judgment I said WHY NOT.

Will fans of BGC be seeing a new Stasi on TV this time?

No not necessarily a "New Stasi" Im still me... But they will see a different side that didn't make the cut  the first time around. I will admit I have grown in these past few years but all in all Im still me…just a lot wiser!

What do you think fans will love the most about All Star battle?  

Who knows... These fans be so everywhere you can never tell.

What was the most fun part of being on the show? How about the worst part?

The best part of doing the show was getting to meet a few girls I would have never otherwise given a chance. I'm happy for that because I met a few amazing women!!! The worst part was everything else! JK...but no really the lying and manipulating was way too much for me. Grown-ass 30-year-old women throwing tantrums OH NOOOOOOOOOO...I'm to grown to be around that!

What was it like to reconnect with Judi?

I love Judi. She drives me to drink every other day but hey that's what family is supposed to do right? 

Has being on the show changed your outlook?

Being on the show has just proved to me what I already knew... THIS IS NOT FOR ME!!! I'm a business woman with goals bigger than calling myself the "baddest". I never said I was and I won't start now. BGC was amazing and it taught me so much about myself but as far as all the extras that came with it, I'll give it all back no refund needed. I miss just being the simple chick from Sacramento who loves to shop at Walmart and hates to comb her hair. 

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