Ray J is In Control on 'Bad Girls All Star Battle'

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Brandy's brother. Kim Kardashian sextape partner. Singer. Rapper. Playboy..and now, the host of Bad Girls All Star Battle premiering May 21. One thing's for sure: Ray J is making waves...and he's making trouble. (Not to mention, he looks sexy around fountains!)

We spoke the musician/reality TV mogul about his personal type of bad girl, about keeping 14 battling ladies under control, and about stirring up drama for Kim and Kanye with his song "I Hit It First."

Bad Girls All Star Battle: What made you interested in Bad Girls All Star Battle?                  

Ray J: I’ve always been a big fan of Bad Girls Club. I’ve also been in a similar situation where I’ve been in a house with a lot of beautiful women [in For the Love of Ray J], and I felt like I could understand the emotions and the challenges. And I thought I would be a perfect match to host the show and keep everything alive.

So you’re a fan of Bad Girls Club? Do you like Bad Girls in life?

Yeah…my lifestyle is a bit in an edgy world, it fits the profile. I like bad girls – girls who are bad, in a good way. My life is a roller coaster ride, and so is the Bad Girls Club. I like that side of a woman, but I like a woman who knows how to control it.

Between Best Ink and Bad Girls All Star Battle…you’re all over Oxygen right now!  Do both shows play to different sides of Ray J? What will we see in All Star Battle?

Best Ink was cool! I have a lot of tattoos, so to be able to talk to different tattoo artists was great, and I’d never seen glow-in-the-dark art like that before.  On Bad Girls you’ll see me more in control. You’ll see me trying to make sure everything goes right and to be that authority figure in the house.

So are you a voice of reason?

Yes, a bit. I don’t get a chance to talk a lot to the girls in a private setting, but overall they know that my heart is into the show, and I would do whatever I could to help them understand the challenges.

So you didn’t hang with the cast much?

I didn’t get a chance to get to know the girls on a personal note. I felt like they needed to focus. If it was all about fun and partying, it would throw off the focus of why they were there. I stood back.

So did you get to see any drama?

I saw it right in front of me because it happened all the time! It was intense! There were times I tried to step in and break it up. It was definitely a deep experience.

What should fans look forward to the MOST about this show?

There are so many dynamics to the show. It’s out of control. It’s emotional, it’s intense, I think they should really look forward to the challenges. The challenges are really hard to do. I don’t think they’re expecting it. I think some of the Bad Girls thought it was gonna be easy, and it’s real tough. People are gonna be shocked and excited to push these girls to the limit.

You’re a competitive man yourself.

Yes. And not only am I competitive, I’m independent. I’m running my business in an independent world. It’s a challenge.

Speaking of how competitive you are – you knew you were gonna upset Kanye with “I Hit it First,” right?

No, it wasn’t my intention to make anybody mad. When you do music you express how you’re feeling, and that’s what we did. Through all my interviews I never tried to focus on being disrespectful. It’s not just about one person -- the focus is more on the song and not on the controversy.

Any regrets over releasing the song now?

Not at all. It gave us a lot of exposure as a company, and we haven’t been focusing on the negative. I write love songs, club songs -- this was another song that was written. It hit hard because it was original, and every man goes through these kinds of real life situations. 

So given all you’ve been through in the industry, what life lessons did you take away from All Star Battle?

I learned how to take control a little more. I was able to raise important questions in my life because of the work we put into this show. I had to dig deep into the minds of the girls. It was pressure, it was intense, and it was very, very worth it. 

Tune in to 'Bad Girls All Star Battle,' premiering May 21!


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