Sneak Peek: Mehgan vs. Natalie...and Her Security Guard

By Oxygen

Things go from 0 to 100 in a hot second backstage at the reunion tonight. The trigger? Alcohol, obvs. Julie's been sipping and slurring all night, while Natalie's waving around her personal bottle of champagne -- which has mere droplets left over. Julie yells at Natalie, to which Natalie responds "All you hoes better shut the f*** up, and bow down to the motherf**** queen!" Julie tells Natalie to get in her wheelchair and go home. The whole thing escalates, until someone charges at Natalie and her security guard. But isn't drunken, smack-talking Julie, it's Mehgan! And it seems like the guard has met his match! Watch the Sneak Peek!

Tune into the Reunion, Part 2 tonight at 8/7c!


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