Sneak Peek: ShanRock Returns...Along with the Drama

By Oxygen

ShanRock doesn't do small. They didn't do Season 10 small, they didn't leave Bad Girls All Star Battle small, and they definitely don't do the Reunion small. In Part 2 of the Reunion, BFFs Shannon and Rocky enter the stage donning some loud b-boy outfits. Shannon says her best friend was having a hard time during the All Star Battle taping, and who cares about the money? "They print more every day!" she yells. Then, Rocky confronts Flo about that perplexing temper tantrum -- the one where Flo popped off out of nowhere and sent ShanRock packing. But before that can be resolved, Julie chimes in, sending Flo on a tirade that defies all English pronunciation. And yes, "DO NOT QUESTION MY GENUININITY, BITCH!" needs to be a meme. Watch the Sneak Peek! 

Tune into the Reunion Part 2, Tuesday at 8/7c!


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