Stasi's Exit Interview: 'Bad Girl' Gone Good

By Lauren Zupkus

Even for the ever-crazy Bad Girls All Star Battle, we can all agree that this week's elimination night was especially bizarre. First, Stasi and Danni were holding hands in solidarity while up for elimination... certainly a Bad Girl first. And of course, Stasi saw Natalie's potty break as the great opportunity to leap offstage and wrestle her to the ground when Natalie least expected it. Sadly, after giving close to zero f*cks during the Captain's Challenge and failing as leader of the maze challenge, we had to say goodbye to our  babygirl Stasi. Speaking of Bad Girl firsts, she tells us all about how she strives to be a role model for BGC fans in her exit interview. Check it out here. 

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Snapshots: Work It, Stasi! 

Q&A With Stasi 

Read Stasi's Full Bio Here 

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