Take Our 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Twitter Quiz!

By Lauren Zupkus

True Bad Girl fans know that just because the cameras stopped rolling on All Star Battle doesn't mean the drama stops. The Bad Girls love using Twitter to throw shade, start fights and occasionally show love for each other. Nasty or funny, mean or heartwarming, these Bad Girls always have something interesting to say. That's why we put together the Bad Girls All Star Battle Twitter quiz. It's up to you to determine who tweeted what! There are 14 multiple-choice questions featuring Twitter quotes from each of the All Stars. Take the quiz and see if you're a verified Bad Girl fanatic. #GoodLuck!

Tune into the 'Bad Girls Club 11' Casting Special hosted by Natalie and Camilla on Tuesday at 8/7c!


Bonus Video: The Bad Girls Put Their Twitter Knowledge to the Test

Creepin' on Bad Girls Club 11 via Twitter 

Take the Victor Twins Quiz!


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