That's Right, Gabi's Pregnant... And She's Craving Popsicles!

By Oxygen

Move over, Jenn! Tonight on "Twinstant Replay," Gabi had a special announcement of her own. She's pregnant, and due in January! Congratulations Gabi! 

The one-half of The Victor Twins had a few things to tell us off camera about the special announcement. 

Oxygen: Boy or Girl? 

Gabi: I don't find out if it's a boy or girl until August 20. 

What does a pregnant Bad Girl wear? 

I am still a fashionista with a baby bump!

What are some of your Bad Girl cravings?  

My pregnancy cravings are orange juice, salty foods, mustard, cheese cheese and some more cheese, and popsicles, lol!

How does it feel to be a mommy-to-be? 

I am really excited to be a mom, and I am already madly in love with the baby. I can't wait for January! AND I really couldn't have a better partner. I love him so much too! 

Aww congratulations, Gabi! Time for you to team up with Jenn on the ‘Bad Girl, Good Mommy’ clothing line, right? Matching #twinning onesies? YES PLEASE!

Tune into "Bad Girls Club" Season 11, premiering August 13 at 8/7c!


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