The Top 10 Game-Changing Moments of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle'

By Lauren Zupkus

After watching 10 seasons of Bad Girls Club, there are certain things we've come to expect from the cast. You can pretty much plan on copious amounts of alcohol, catfights over anything and everything (ahem, hot pockets) and crazy nights out at the club. But even for the biggest BGC fans, it was impossible to predict all the insane drama that went down in Bad Girls All Star Battle. Throw 14 Bad Girls in a house, put $100,000 on the line and you NEVER know what you're gonna get. Drama went down pretty much every second, turning the game on its head over and over again. That's why we've concocted a list of the top 10 game-changing moments from Bad Girl All Star Battle!

10. Natalie Packs (and then unpacks) Her Bags

For some reason, Natalie is surprised that the other Bad Girls aren't warming up to her narcisstic, cold and pretentious persona! So when she catches wind that she'll be up for elimination, Natalie pulls the old 'leave before you're left' and demands the Bad Girls' chaffeur whisk her away that night. Of course, Natalie is sure to yell "I'm international, bitch!" out the window of her limo upon exit. Not only were we caught off guard when Natalie left the house, but we were even more surprised when she TURNED UP that night! And after all that, she didn't even get voted out. Damn Natalie, we've gotta say... you kinda DO run sh*t. 


9. Rocky Receives Tragic News

Everyone was shocked and heartbroken when Rocky was pulled aside by producers in the premiere episode to take an emergency phone call. It was tragic to witness Rocky receive news that her father had passed, but heartwarming to see the other girls put their usual drama and disagreements aside to support Rocky and let her grieve for her loss. 


8. Flo Flips at the First Elimination

With Rocky's father's death in mind, we were absolutely floored when Flo flipped out on Rocky during that night's elimination. Rocky had been drinking all day to cope with her loss, and Flo was all too easily irritated about it. Completely unprovoked, Flo shot up from her seat and went on a cursing rampage, and had to be restrained by security while she kicked walls, doors, and anything else in her path. Flo's temper tantrum was the last straw for Rocky after a hellish day, and ShanRock decided to leave the Battle House just moments afterward. 



7. Amber the Snake

Amber and Natalie instantly bonded over the fact that they are O.G. Bad Girls. And let's be honest: the two O.G.'s didn't have a ton of fans in the Battle House, so it was wise of them to join forces. Amber, however, got totally shady when she secretly voted for Natalie to go home at elimination. And if Amber thought she wouldn't have to fess up, she was wrong. We ALL had to sit through Natalie bitching about "the snake on the pink team" for two more episodes until Natalie finally figured out that she had been stabbed in the back. Et tu, Amber?


6. Stasi Pounces on Natalie at Elimination

On Episode's 2 elimination night, Stasi got a little teary-eyed as she explained that all Bad Girls have good in them. She was like a motivational speaker up there, going on about how she doesn't want any more drama and really wants to free herself and the other Bad Girls from the stigma of... well, being a Bad Girl. Just a few seconds later, however, she literally LEAPED offstage to swing on Natalie as she went to cast her vote. NO ONE, especially Natalie, saw it coming after the sob story she told the room. We guess she's still learning?  


5. Paula is Sent Packing

Episode 4 ended with a cliffhanger, and we had to sweat it out until Episode 5 to find out who got the most votes at elimination: Paula or Flo. Even though it was certainly suspenseful, we all kind of had a feeling that Flo was gonna be the one to go. After all, Paula had been the chosen "decoy" of the strong pink team alliance formed with Julie, Gabi and Judi. Plus, we LOVE Paula. Everyone loves Paula! She's always the voice of reason, she had an adorable crush on Ray J... Paula is just everybody's down a** bitch, plain and simple. So when she was sent packing, even Flo was kinda like, WTF? 


4. Erika Calls It Quits

Okay, let's keep it real. Erika wasn't exactly a tough cookie from the get-go. In the first Captain's Challenge, she suffered a knee injury and then played the ultimate bitch move when she pulled Rocky by the hair to drag her into the water. She wasn't a fan of swimming, and she wanted nothing to do with the pigpen challenge either. Yet, Erika was always a team player when she was feeling up to it: she stayed out of most of the drama and kept her word to the other Bad Girls at all times. So it really shocked us BGC fans when she threw in the towel because of her injuries. According to Erika, her health is worth more than the $100,000. 



3. Judi Lets it ALL Hang Out

We would say Judi's the type of chick to wear her heart on her sleeve, but we don't think she owns any article of clothing with sleeves. The scantily-clad boozehouse we all know and love left nothing to the imagination when she hit the Hookah Lounge and started twerkin'. Yeah, we all experienced secondhand embarassment watching Judi get practically naked while everyone watched in horror. And they say Jenn's the stripper... 


2. The Twins Holdin' It Down

From the start, Natalie and a slew of others wanted to oust the Victor Twins. In a competition where strong alliances mean everything, there's certainly strength in numbers. Danni and Gabi were the first chicks to remind everyone that blood is thicker than water. Since they were easy targets, even the twins themselves couldn't believe they both managed to make it to the final four. What's more, they weren't afraid to stand up for themselves, even if it came to bitching out the hot-headed and unpredictable nutjob known as Flo. We gotta give it to you, Victor twins.


1. Flo Flips On Jennifer...and Even Ray J is Totally Confused

Episode 7's elimination night was ONE. FOR. THE. BOOKS. Flo entered crying, but when Danni accused her of being drunk, her switch flipped from sad to RAGING. Flo pops off at Danni, then in an endless random drunken fury, she flips at Jenn for "tricking her," and even calls her a whore! For the first time all season, Ray J loses his impartial cool, saying: "I don't understand the animosity when Flo hasn't even been put up for elimination! What the f***!" So Flo, #1 goes to you for keeping Battle epic from start to finish! 

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