Who's the Baddest Bad Girl? Flo vs. Paula

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The last episode of Bad Girls All Star Battle started with a showdown between Paula and Flo. Paula was ultimately voted off -- and some of you didn't agree with the Bad Girls' strategy. But who's baddest overall? 

The case for Flo:

Flo is a Bad Girls OG. She's been playing the game way longer than Paula. She's physically strong, and ready to pop off at anyone, anytime. She's a little older than the other Bad Girls, which some might consider a weakness --- but looked at another way, she's just wizened. She's also got higher stakes than almost anyone on Battle: her daughter.

The case for Paula: 

Paula keeps her cool. Even in high-pressure situations, this Season 10 mother hen will tell everyone to calm the F down and shut up. Her head's in the game, and she's got a tiny bit more youth on her side.

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