Who's the Baddest Bad Girl: Julie or Amanda Bynes? Vote!


Last week, Julie said she's "obsessed with Amanda Bynes" when she dropped by our Bad Girls Battle After Show as a surprise guest. And why not? Amanda has been in the tabloids enough over the last few months to make her an honorary Bad Girl. For this reason, we're pitting the two bad beauties against one another for our inaugural Baddest Bad Girl feature, where we ask you to vote on who is badder. 

While neither of these "bad girls" are real bruisers, Julie has been known to get into fisticuffs from time to time (remember her tiff with Christina in the kitchen?) and Amanda has at least manhandled the camera of a paparazzo. 

Both bad girls, however, are capable of spewing profanity and spitting venom. In BGC9 and All Star Battle, Julie verbally tears into her targets. Amanda Bynes does the same thing, but on Twitter. In the last few months alone, Amanda has waged Twitter beefs with Rihanna, Courtney Love, Lance Bass and Perez Hilton ("kill yourself," she tweeted).

While Amanda says she doesn't drink or do drugs, she was charged with a DUI last year and the police allege that she recently tossed a bong out of her window.  Julie, on the other hand, downed "half a bottle of vodka" before our After Show - and wasn't shy about discussing it. Both bad girls are in their 20s, both are beautiful and opinionated, and neither seem to have a filter covering their mouths. 

But only one can be the "baddest." Julie or Amanda Bynes? Vote! 

P.S. Fast forward to the 17:00-minute mark to hear Julie wishing Amanda Bynes would be in BGC 12. "She is normal," says Julie. "Society is messed up."

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