Winner's Chat with Jenniffer: "My Brother Is So Proud and Excited!"

By Oxygen

If you weren't excited about Jenn's win last night, you will be after you read our winner's Q&A. The Bad Girl's enthusiasm is beyond contagious, especially when she talks about cashing that check, about how she conquered the Flo, and of course, all about her brother's release from the system (he watched the episode last night!!). Scroll down for the tell-all interview!

Oxygen: How did it feel to let the world know that you won?

Jenniffer: It felt great knowing that my family was gonna be able to watch the win…that was an out of body experience! it didn’t even set in until the next morning and I saw the check! My family all got together and sat in the living room. Everyone’s heart was beating, and literally at the end when I won, I looked at everyone’s faces and everyone was tearing up. It was like I was living it all over again.

And your brother? Is everything moving along?

I mean the thing is I’m still dealing with courts. Although he is FOR SURE coming home now, I’m still working on paperwork. But he did watch the show, and he called me! My brother is so proud and excited. He wanted me to re-tell everything, even though he saw the episode. 

You broke down and cried when you won. Can you describe that moment for us? You’d just gotten done with this really difficult obstacle course… 

I felt like I couldn’t get words out! It was written all over my face! I felt like I was crying half because my arms and legs were hurting so bad and the other half couldn’t believe it was happening. I was a ball of emotion so I couldn’t do anything but let the snot come out my nose!

What was running through your mind during that final challenge?

It was a blur. It’s so weird, I’m not good at puzzles but I blazed through it. I kept calm, because you fail when you get nervous. I beat the jitters, because if the nerves kicked in, the nerves would beat me before the other girls did.

Did you always have a feeling you would win, or were there times when you thought you were done?

Well I was always a little wary, but I was confident when I got to the challenges. But I wasn’t confident in the house because there were so many girls out to get me. Personally I couldn’t believe I didn’t go up for elimination until the last round.

That’s right…how did you manage to charm the other Bad Girls?

I stayed out of the drama, so I stayed out of the eliminations. And at the end, I just had to play Flo against herself and her conscience. She thought that keeping me would even it out. And at the end, like I always say, a Bad Girls’ enemy is herself.

You’re really jacked. What is your workout routine?

Pole tricks! I have a pole at home. It’s a great workout. I don’t eat well, I have a terrible diet. But the pole keeps your body intact.   

I loved your relationship with Paula. Are you guys still in touch?

We are still in touch. She tweeted throughout the whole show and called me after. She’ll be in town and we’re gonna catch up and talk about what we’re up to! 

When everybody else was being a drunken mess, I felt like you were kind of keeping it low key. Were you too focused to enjoy yourself at the club?

Yes. Usually I’m all throughout the club dancing, drinking, but I had to stay focused. I knew the competitions were coming up in the morning, and I know that one drink, two drinks or seven, I’m waking up with a hangover!

What challenge was toughest for you?

Living in the house! [laughs] Fourteen bad girls. Two rooms. So many different personalities, everyone is an all-star. So playing the politics was the biggest challenge.

So, what have you been up to?


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