A Heartwarming Q&A with Gabi: "I'm Officially a Mommy!"

By Oxygen

That's right, Gabi's home with her healthy, beautiful son Marcellus -- and boy has motherhood already changed this Bad Girl Victor twin! In all the interviews we've ever had with Gabi, never has she been so emotional, so genuine, so totally bats*** in love! We talked to her all about her hopes and dreams for Marcellus, about her kinda-scary birth, and about her future with Marcellus' father Victor (uhh a ring and another baby maybe?). Scroll down for the full Q&A!

You’re a mommy! Does everything feel just a little bit different now?

I am officially a mommy! :) Of course life is completely different now,  in a good way. Every time I look into my son's eyes or he makes all his little funny faces and noises I realize life really had no purpose before him. He has created such a burning love and determination inside of me, and I will never stop climbing so he lives an even better life than I lived growing up.

What are your hopes for Marcellus? What kind of man would you like to raise?

I hope Marcellus grows into a man who knows the meaning of hard work, even if he is given the world. A man who respects his mother and all females. After all, females have to give up so much to raise a child and keep a family strong. I want him to grow into a man that creates his own path but allows his mother and father to help guide him in the right direction. A man with determination and a goal in life, whether that is to become an athlete, congressman, an inventor, or even the next president -- whatever it is, he'll be great at it. His name means “a young warrior,” and he will determine what that means for him.

What’s the best part about being a mommy so far?

The best part of being a mother is knowing and looking at this beautiful little life that grew inside of you. You felt his kicks, his hiccups, you heard his heartbeat, and you saw him on ultrasounds and all of a sudden pregnancy is over and you have the real deal. You get to see him open his eyes when he's not too busy sleeping, you get to feel his chest and hear him breath, you get to touch and kiss every inch of this life you brought into the world. And, the best feeling is he is genetically made up of you and someone you are so in love with.

Was giving birth everything you thought it would be?

I was convinced I would give a natural birth, but my little man got real comfortable in a breached position so it ended up being a C-section. It was a little nerve-racking the week of delivery because any type of surgery can be nerve-racking, but I have such a supportive family and man that the day of the C-section I handled it so well, with as little anxiety as possible. And, there was nothing like having Victor coaching me the whole time and having him bring me our son for our first moment together. I don't think I've cried as hard as I did when he was next to me for the first time. What a beautiful thing giving birth is. And, overall my pregnancy was amazing and I really rocked the s*** out of my baby bump!

What’s next for you and your family?

What's next for my little family? Well who knows…let’s see where God takes us next. But, I see a ring and a little girl in the next two years that's for sure!

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