Alicia's Exit Interview: "I Was Totally Ready to Leave"

By Oxygen

We said bye-bye to Alicia in Episode 5, and she was not thriled about being eliminated after her Team Challenge football fails. But these days, she's not sweating it too hard. In fact, instead of beefing with girls, she's empowering them by starting a foundation for young obese women! It's a whole new Alicia in a whole new beast mode. Click "more" to read her full exit interview.

What have you been up to since filming All Star Battle Season 2?  

What have I been up to!? Being a BOSS DUH!!! I am a certified health coach, I work with obese children and adults all around the world. I travel, host workout classes and basically just teach people how to feel amazing!! I love it! I moved out of my mom's (yay!!!) and I'm honestly just following the path of God. Still super single.. soooo ready for marriage WHERE IS MY HUSBAND!! Life is great, though, I am truly blessed!
How did you feel about getting voted off? Why do you think the other girls voted you off?
Oh my gosh! I was totally ready to leave! Ew. I honestly felt like I was gaining weight and I really thought that I was just going to lose focus and end up being the exact same person I was on Season 10, and I'm totally not that girl any more. So, I was sooooo happy to leave! I was ready to go back to Chicago and hustle for 100k!!

Would you have done anything differently this season, if you could go back?

Oh my gosh totally! Next time, no nice girl... full beast mode on and off the field. There's no crying in the BGC! No feelings, no friends! 
What’s next for you?
Whats next for me? THE ALICIA SAMAAN FOUNDATION FOR OBESE CHILDREN! My next steps in life are going to pave the way for my future. I'm really focused and I am just ready for the path God is taking me down. 
Watch Alicia's video exit interview

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