'All Star Battle' Episode 5 Recap: Rocky is 'Boss Bitch' of the Game (PHOTOS)

After the girls dangled from beefy guys high in the harbor sky, after Nancy and Camilla hooked up in the hot tub (naked), and after Elease continued plotting against her own team, Gold and Red went head-to-head on a muddy football field. 
Valentina developed Team Gold's playbook. "My strategy is we tackle bitches down," she explained. And it could have worked had it not been for what Janelle noticed about her teammates: We're trying to throw the ball and we realize bitches can't catch."
In the end, Team Red won because, as Shelly noted, Rocky was "the boss bitch in this game." Janelle admitted it, too. "That bitch is doing everything," she said. "She's catching the ball, running the ball, flipping the ball, tackling bitches. Damn, can we stop this bitch?"
Answer: No. Farewell, Alicia. Hello Camilla vs. Mehgan future pop-off. 
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