Fish Eyes, Cockroaches, and Durian! Oh, My! Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 8

By Ray J

It’s the dreaded Episode 8. Fish eyes, bugs, durian – let’s do this.

The Price of Beauty Challenge was by far the nastiest thing I’ve ever had to watch. I think I smelled it for days after. The split pea soup challenge had nothing on this.

Basically we put up big pictures of the girls without makeup on. In order to cover up these pictures, they had to complete several challenges. Meaning, they had to eat some nasty s***. Fish eyes, worms, durian fruit (which smells as bad as they say), and the worst part: the live Madagascar hissing cockroaches. These are the kinds of bugs you never want to run into, ever, let alone eat alive. Would you do it for $100,000? (Honestly, I don’t think I could!)

I felt real bad for the girls, and they understandably had a hard time. It was slow and agonizing to watch.  A lot of girls vomited and continued, and it never got any easier. Some of them quit before they even got started. Shelly, who has been avoiding elimination all this time, was one of the quitters, and she would pay for it later on.

Rocky, however, beasted through the competition. Unbelievable. She won a lot more respect from the other girls for that, and my respect. Nobody else even got close to the end. We would have been there all night if it wasn’t for her! She upped the game , and once again, she could nominate two girls for elimination. But who?

Suddenly, Shelly was in danger for the first time. She quit the challenge and didn’t even try – so Rocky thought Shelly was trying to ride the coattails of all her alliances and not do any of the actual work. I understand Rocky’s frustration. Most of the girls at least tried the challenge, even though it was one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do.

Meanwhile, the competition is starting to get to some of the girls emotionally. Tiana says her confidence is breaking because she hasn’t won a challenge yet. Valentina gets emotional right before nominations and acts a little crazy after a night at the club. Hey…it happens to everyone. Just add fish eyes and $100,000 to the equation, you’d be acting crazy too!

However, at nominations, Rocky decided to forgive Shelly for now, and puts up Valentina and Mehgan, her biggest competitors. In the end, Valentina gets voted off. She fought so hard all competition and was one of the best athletes of all of them, it’s no wonder she was a target. She had a hard time at the end, but she was always cool to everyone in the Battle house. She will definitely be missed.

Meanwhile, Mehgan promises retribution in a big ol speech at the end of the episode.

“Rocky, you made the wrong decision because I’m about to come back and beast through this competition and you’re gonna wish you got rid of me first. And that’s your warning. Bitch.”

….Yeah, I’d be a little scared if I’d ever crossed Mehgan!

Until next time!

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