From Soup to Guts: Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 4

By Ray J

Wow, not only did Episode 4 bring the Bad Girl drama…it brought a little nausea and a couple of trips to the hospital, too! This was one of the most difficult episodes to host. Usually I have to keep my game face on and not distract the girls from doing what they have to do ... but that Captain’s Challenge with the soup… that was rough.

The girls were already dealing with a lot of drama going into the challenge. Elease was on bad terms with her team because she’s been making and breaking deals all over the place, Rocky had to sit out of the challenge because of her leg injury, and everyone was just feeling it from all the emotional eliminations. But the Battle must go on.

In the Captain’s Challenge, the girls had to simulate a night out by sliding into heels and dresses, grabbing their handbags, eating a quick dinner and meeting their man. Only, these were obstacle courses, not a real night at the club. “Getting Ready” meant a series of physical challenges, puzzles…and eating some real nasty food. A lot of it.

I felt so bad for them during the food challenge! I wasn’t about to try it, but that soup looked like straight-up glue that’s been sitting in the sun for hours. The challenge wasn’t easy on the me either! Watching the girls get sick and vomit…even just writing about it. I can’t even. Luckily we all survived, and Nancy and Shelly came out as Captains of their teams.

Now, the Tug-o-Weave contest brought a whole new set of problems. These girls went real hard battling in tug-of-war with a small weave, and some of them got hurt in the process.  The teams tried to match the girls up as best as they could, but some of them fought real dirty, and let’s just say none of them are trained in wrestling or jiu jitsu or anything like that. Stephanie and Mehgan were sent to the hospital, and we were all real worried about them on and off set.

Eventually they came back shaky, but ready to battle again, and we could all breathe a sigh of relief.

Elimination got messy. The Red Team lost the Team Challenge and had to put up two people. They went for Elease for obvious reasons: they all think she threw the Tug-o-Weave challenge against Camilla. (Whether she did or didn’t will have go to the grave with Elease though.)  The Red Team also put up Stephanie as sort of a decoy, but it backfired.

The Gold Team thinks Elease is their pawn, so they’ll do anything to keep her. They voted off Stephanie, who, despite her injuries and everything, handled her exit better than I’ve ever seen in a Bad Girl. Props to her.

But now, The Red Team is still stuck with Elease, and they hate her more than ever. Things are about to get even more tense on Battle.

Til next week!

Tune in for an all new episode of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesday at 8/7c!

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