'Pissed' and 'Hurt,' Paula Is No Longer Friends with Stephanie and Valentina

By Oxygen

In our Bad Girls All Star Battle After Show with just-eliminated Paula, Oxygen host John Thrasher asks Paula how she felt about being eliminated. Paula, as you'll see, is not okay with it. "I was completely pissed," says the Bad Girl. "There weren't words, I was so upset."
What makes Paula particularly upset is that she feels betrayed by her friends Stephanie and Valentina. "These were girls that I was genuine friends with," explains Paula. "Like, not, we're in the house together and we're on TV together - outside, in real life."
Noting that both Stephanie and Valentina voted her off, Paula is dumbfounded that her team thought she was plotting. "They was gunnin' for me so hard when Elease was the one who had the alliance," she says. "Elease was the one you should have been gunnin' for because she was the one that was plotting and scheming against you all. I was just trying to make it to the next day, honey." 
As for her friendship with Stephanie and Valentina, watch the clip below...

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