Q&A with Camilla: A Tough Cookie...And a Crybaby

By Oxygen

Camilla the "Cali Cutthroat" came to BGC 8 as a replacement late in the game, but her impact was felt around the world. Now the pretty powerhouse -- who already won a Captain's Challenge -- is making up for lost time on All Star Battle 2. Scroll down to read all about Camilla's decision to join the Battle ranks!

What made you want to get on Battle Season 2?

Well  I was originally offered to be on Season 1, but I declined. Once I was able to watch the show, however, I was interested in being a part of the cast. I felt bad when I didn't take the first offer because my fans were so upset and disappointed and kept asking if I would please do Season 2. I kept it a secret until it was revealed. Now my fans are happy they get to see me again. So, I'm excited! I was going through so much in 2013 that I wanted to escape. I wanted to start fresh. So I jumped on board.

Do you feel like you’ve changed since the last time you were on BGC? 

This is a competition show, so you will definitely see my competitive side, and you will also see a softer side. Since people were only able to see me for two weeks on BGC, I feel they will enjoy me a lot on the show. I feel I've changed but I will always be "Camilla." I base my actions on principles. I'm so nice and love to have fun...these are all things you will see on this upcoming season.

Was it weird seeing some of the people from your BGC season again?

It wasn't weird at all. I told myself I was going to give everyone a fair chance walking in the house. I was actually happy to see my fellow castmates. It's been so long and the drama that happened on Vegas is dead. I will forgive but will never forget them trying to jump me!

What did you do to prepare for the season?

I honestly didn't prepare too much. I worked out some days until I left to film. I stopped drinking liquor. I didn't want to think about the show too much, I  just wanted to have fun with it and not have too many expectations.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself that BGC fans didn’t know.

Even though I'm a tough cookie, I'm also a big crybaby.

I love to eat all day (seafood is my fave!).

I love to travel with my friends and take trips.

Oh and I love my fans thank you so much for the support. I really appreciate it. 

Tune into 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesdays at 8/7c!

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