Q&A with Elease: Badder and Wiser

By Oxygen

The Season 8 Bad Girl/pretty girl Elease may not be fighting with the Victor twins anymore, but she's fighting for that 100 thou! Catch up with the veteran (and very busy!) Bad Girl and find out what inspired her to compete.

What made you want to get on Battle Season 2?

What made me do the show was I felt like I needed a challenge that I don't take on every day.

Do you feel like you’ve changed since you were on BGC?

Yes you all will be seeing a newer side to me. Since the last time I was on on BGC -- I'm wiser!

Was it weird seeing some of the people from your BGC season again?

No it wasn't weird seeing some of the people from my BGC season again.  I was happy to know that I came into the house knowing some people.

What did you do to prepare for the season?

 I didn't have to do anything to prepare for the season because I work out regularly back home.  I was already prepared.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself that BGC fans didn’t know.

I'm going back to school to get my second degree, this time in psychology.

Just started a t-shirt line that can be found on www.eleasedonovan.com and my swimwear is on www.eleasedonovanswimwear.com

I'm finishing up my men's clothing line that will be out summer 2014! 

Tune into a new episode of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesday at 8/7c!

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