Q&A with Mehgan: "I Don't Have Time to Be Catty"

By Oxygen

Mehgan didn't fare so well last season on Battle. Bad Girl historians will recall that the Season 9 BGC Texan went home on the very first episode! Well now she's back for blood and determined to hang out for the duration. Her strategy? Chilling the f*** out and keeping her weave nice and tidy. Scroll down for the full Q&A with Mehgan, and tune into the premiere of Bad Girls All Star Battle, Season 2 tonight at 8/7c! Check out more pics of Mehgan at @xoxomehg

What made you want to get on Battle Season 2?

Ummm because I left first last season!!! Duhh! 

Do you feel like you’ve changed since the last time you were on Battle?

Yep! I don't have time be catty with these bitches. They aren't paying my bills so why argue. You will see a more nonchalant me this season.

What did you do to prepare for the season?

Nothing, just made sure my weave was cute.

Tell us three fun facts about yourself that BGC fans didn’t know.

My favorite color is Black.

I'm psychic.

They can connect with me through my website mehganjamesonline.com

Catch more Mehgan on the premiere of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Season 2, tonight at 8/7c!

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