Q&A with Paula: "I Got Played on the First Season!"

By Oxygen

That's right, Season 10 mother hen Paula is back for another round of Bad Girls All Star Battle -- and she's got a bit of a grudge from Season 1. What can we expect from hell on heels this time? Scroll down for Paula's Q&A, and check out more of Paula's pics at @TheHeLLonHeeLs

What made you want to come back to BGASB?

I wanted to go Season 2 of  All Star Battle because I got played on the first season after trusting the wrong people! I wanted another opportunity to win.

Are we going to be seeing a new side of you on All Star Battle this time? 

I think that you are going to see a lot more emotion from me this season. First season, I was very nonchalant because I only had one friend. This time I know a lot more of the girls.

Was  it weird seeing some of the people from your BGC season again? 

It wasn't weird...but I knew that it would get intense because of all the unresolved issues! 

What did you do to prepare for this season? 

I didn't do too much to prepare, I just started eating better and working out! 

Tune into the premiere of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Season 2 on Tuesday at 8/7c!

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