Q&A with Rocky: Guess How Much I Can Bench!

By Oxygen

We know you can't wait to catch Rocky on Season 2 Bad Girls All Star Battle. She's been a fan favorite since BGC: 10, and she's a seriously hardcore contender for that $100K. Don't she know it though! We chatted with her about Season 2, about confronting Season 10 girls, and about Rocky's guilty pleasures during the off-season. Also, guess how much she can bench? Scroll down for the full Q&A, and check out more photos of Rocky at @prettygrl_rocky.

What made you want to get on Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2? 

What made me want to do Season 2 is:  I wanted to help out my family, and I wanted to show the girls how competitive I really am!

Are we going to be seeing a new side of you on All Star Battle? Do you feel like you’ve changed since the last season? 

I'm still myself and always will be! I feel like when I'm dealing with Bad Girls I'm a little more on the tough side, especially in a game atmosphere. Like Amber said: they are shady shady bitches. I changed my appearance and I love my new style, but other than that I have the same heart.

Was it weird seeing some of the people from your BGC season again? 

Of course Rocky will be put in a house with the whole season that was against her! Ha ha! I cracked up when I saw all of them. For the most part the tables were turned completely though. Stay tuned and see how they treated me this time!

Give us three fun facts about yourself.

Hmm, fun facts about me...hmmm let's see:

1. I'm a Law & Order SVU addict.
2. I love to cook and bake in the kitchen. My nicknames are #RockyCrocker or #BettyBalboa! 
3. I can bench over 110lbs! 

For more Rocky, watch the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Season 2 Premiere airing Tuesday at 8/7c!

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