Q&A with Sarah: "I'm Still Loud, Half-Naked, and Fun!"

By Oxygen

Sarah didn't get much airtime on BGC 10, so she's back for more on All Star Battle -- this time with $100K at stake! She promises to be Sarah to the fullest on Season 2, except maybe this time she'll watch her mouth a little more. Scroll down to read more about Sarah's decision to compete on All Star Battle, and about some things you may not know about the blond bombshell from her time on TV (did you know she has a psychology degree, for example?!). Check it out, and tune into the All Star Battle premiere Tuesday at 8/7c! For more pics of Sarah, check out @sarahsooliver.

What made you want to get on Battle Season 2?

I didn't last too long on BGC 11, which sucked. I wanted to stay the entire season. So when I got the call for All Star Battle, I was SO excited and ready!

Are we going to be seeing a new side of you on All Star Battle?  

I'm always me, in person, on BGC, and on Battle. I'm still loud, half-naked, and fun! What you see is what you get. I tried to tone down my mouth a little, so I'm not first target and so I wouldn't get home first. Other than that, I'm the same. 

Was  it weird seeing some of the people from your BGC season again?

It wasn't weird seeing girls from my season. Luckily, Tiana and I made up after the BGC 11 Reunion. What was weird was seeing girls from previous seasons that I have watched on TV. Very surreal! 

What did you do to prepare for the season?

To prepare, I went to they gym as usual but trained a little harder. And, I bought a lot of shoes! lol

Tell us three fun facts about yourself that BGC fans didn’t know. 

I have a Psychology Degree with a 3.84 GPA. 

I shaved my head when I was 14, and had 33 piercings! 

I'm very creative. I customize shoes, hats, lingerie, etc. I was always really good at art all throughout school: painting, drawing, ceramics, design, etc. 

Here's four! I don't have many friends, so I hang out with my family and my best friend is my pitbull, Keiko.

For more Sarah, watch the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Season 2 premiere airing Tuesday at 8/7c! 

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