Q&A with Valentina: "You'll See a Whole New Side of Me!"

By Oxygen

Talk about a changed lady! Valentina visited our offices recently for sit-down interview. Not gonna lie, we were nervous she was going to kick us out of the building and dump condiments on us. Turns out, Valentina is a different person entirely than the one you met on Season 10, and she intends to show the world on All Star Battle Tuesday at 8/7c. Scroll down for the full interview!

What made you want do All Star Battle?

Well, I was asked to do Season 1 and didn't do it. I had a very difficult time with Season 10 of Bad Girls Club. Watching myself on TV...I didn't like what I saw. I went through a deep dark depression. I knew I wanted to get myself together and seek help. I came on All Star Battle Season 2 to change everyone's image of me. You can be a Bad Girland not fight and act crazy. i wanted girls to realize that. You have no idea how much it breaks my heart to have a little girl run up to me and say "oh my god i love you!" I said, "What are you doing watching that show!"
You're going to see a totally new side of me. I'm still the crazy funny Valentina...but without the slapping people this time!
What did you think when you walked into the house for the first time? 
It was an out-of-body experience because I got to watch everybody else act crazy and fight -- and I'm the one trying to stop it! I was very nervous though, I didn't want people to judge me from bad girls club because that's not who I am. I went in that house with the mindset that as long as I can tell my story and tell people that I'm not the same Valentina as before, I'm fine with that. Everything else isn't even worth it.
How about the physical elements of All Star Battle? Are you an athlete?
Yes! I'm an athlete. I play volleyball, I ran track. My favorite sport is rugby. Rugby is a no-BS sport with touchdowns stiff-arming, I love to be physical and aggressive. A lot of people judge me because I'm small...but I'm strong! But I will say that Season 2 challenges are so much different compared to Season 1! 
What have you been up to since being on BGC?
Right now, I'm working on my brand. It's called Akata. As everyone knows I am Nigerian. The definition of Akata is a cat that no longer lives at home. I was called that because I am Nigerian, but I went to school here and couldn't identify with either. It was an insult, but what I want to do is redefine the term.
I'm also working on my music. My sound is dubstep, house and afropop! I'm working with tons of different producers and trying to get my project together.
So, how did you climb out of the 'dark place' you were in after Season 10?
Well I did a lot of things I shouldn't have done on TV. The Janae incident, I really shouldn't have done. Watching myself and hearing all the backlash put me into a deep depression and I had a mental breakdown. But I got help. I got counseling. By God's grace! I LOVE Bad Girls Club. I loved it growing up, and I loved being there. I want all of my time on the show to be meaningful now.   

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