Ray J Recaps Episode 2 of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle'!

By Ray J

Another week, another set of Bad Girls challenges and dramas! The emotions ran real high in Episode 2 of All Star Battle. Not only did Andrea storm out of the competition in the middle of the episode, but Paula was betrayed for the second time in a “decoy” twist! Didn’t see that one coming.

But first, the challenges.

In the Captain’s Challenge, the girls rolled around in hot honey, then afterward, rolled around in coins. The object: to stick as many coins to their bodies as possible. Not gonna lie…it was a funny challenge to watch. The girls did NOT like the honey part – but as always, they took an outrageous situation and used strategy to pull them through. In the end, Sarah won the challenge for the Red Team, and Camilla won for the Gold Team. Two Captain’s Challenges in a row for Camilla! Girl’s definitely a threat.

The Team Challenge forced the girls to communicate, and some of the most physically strong girls had major weaknesses here. The teams had to bust their fellow members out of cages and small rooms. Teamwork was basically everything, and unfortunately, the Red Team fell short. They wasted time arguing, and it slowed them down. The Red Team blamed Andrea for having a bad attitude, but whatever the issue, they lost and had to put up two people for elimination. Not surprisingly, one of them was Andrea.

The other person to get called for elimination was Paula. Paula was told that she was just a decoy and would get to stay, because everyone really just wanted Andrea off. But wait…the same thing happened last season, and Paula wound up getting voted off. So, I didn’t blame her for getting real suspicious.

Then a big twist. Andrea left the competition. Just straight up went home without a word to the other girls. It’s too bad: Andrea is really athletic and strong and could have gone far, but she couldn’t handle the pressure of elimination. So, peace! The Red Team replaced her with Elease on the chopping block, so then it became Paula vs. Elease.

Unfortunately for Paula, Elease had a lot of friends on the Gold Team, including her alliance, Camilla. The decoy stuff went out the window, and Paula was voted off. Wow. Again! Same exact situation! She was mad, too! But honestly, it doesn’t matter if you’re a strong competitor, a weak one, a fake one or a real one, you could still get kicked off at any time. So, I felt bad for Paula…but I wasn’t surprised when she went home.
My philosophy stands: trust no one!

Tune in for an all new episode of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesday at 8/7c!

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