Ray J Recaps the 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Season 2 Premiere!

By Ray J

We're back for more Bad Girls All Star Battle -- and Season 2 got real crazy real fast! This season I'll be writing a blog after each episode to give you the rundown from this humble host's perspective. Personally, I was blown away by the girls' determination and all the twists and turns in Season 2. You will be too!

First, we met the competitors. Some of them are returning from Season 1, some of them are new to the game, but all of them want that $100K. 

With the drama in the house, it's easy to forget that the girls have real issues they're dealing with: Camilla says her mom is suffering from lupus, Stephanie's uncle has cancer and she wants to take him to Thailand, Sarah is trying to secure a future for her family. The stakes are real high for the Bad Girls this season, and it shows in the way they fought in the first episode. 

In fact, a lot of them are coming out of the gate with a whole new image. They’re focused. They’re ready. They’re putting their beef aside. Alicia and Tiana say they wanna play nice. It’s a whole different set of personalities.

The mud captain’s challenge was the most important of the season: the winners got to pick the teams for the rest of the competition, so they had to choose wisely. Rocky won and picked the Red Team: Andrea, Paula, Shelly, Tiana, Stephanie, Sarah and Elease.

Camilla got to pick the gold team: Danni, Valentina, Amy, Mehgan, Alicia,  Nancy and Janelle.

There was a lot of talk about which team had the bigger girls and this and that, but it’s way too early, and this game is way too crazy to start making predictions like that.

Next: The Team Challenge...it was tough to watch. Both teams had to push a wall from either side, and the losing team was thrown into the cold water. They went at it for a long time without moving at all, but eventually the Red Team proved stronger.

Elimination is stressful for everyone. (I’m always glad that it’s not me who has to choose!) This time, though, the Gold Team seemed dead set on putting Danni and Amy on the chopping block. Danni wanted to play the veterans' card, and I know from experience that she really brought it hard the first season (she made it 'til the end!) -- but the other girls weren’t having it. Some of them thought she was dead weight, some of them thought she and Amy had an alliance and wanted to break it up. Whatever reasons they had, they voted off Danni in a landslide. 

Before she left, though, she offered some wise parting words:

“...From experience, the whole backstabbing, promises...the whole ‘Im gonna do this if you do this for me’...none of that means s**t  in the competition.”

She speaks the truth!

‘Til next time...

Tune in for an all new episode of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Tuesday at 8/7c!

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