Rocky's Exit Interview: "I Would Have Won. Everyone Knows That"

Rocky Santiago

Rocky fought so hard the entire competition. She ate cockroaches. She beasted every physical challenge. She even protected Tiana and Sarah until the last minute. Then, they voted her off. A lot of people, Rocky included, thought she have won if she made it to the final challenge. But, even she has to's a competition, man! Check out her Exit Interview, and scroll down to watch her heartwrenching post-elimination video! 

How did you feel about getting voted off?  

I was a little salty for a second but it's a game, and that was the best move for them. They knew if they saved me I would have won the whole competition. And everyone knows that. 

You fought so hard. Does it feel like it was all for nothing, or did you get something out of the competition?

I fought with all my heart...heart that I didn't even know I had! I don't feel like I fought for nothing because I got to prove to the whole world who the baddest bitch is, and who everyone is intimidated by: the real competitor. So that's what I got. I got the respect from everyone knowing I'm a true competitor.

Would you have done anything differently this season, if you could go back? 

The only thing I would havedone differently is I would have made sure Sarah and Tiana really genuinely had my back like I had theirs. But there won't ever be another #SHANROCK, so no hard feelings.

What's next for you?

I have been really busy doing a lot of appearances, hosting and photo shoots. I'm working on my modeling and getting my portfolio together. What's next for me? Only God knows.

Watch Rocky's post elimination Exit Interview.

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