Sarah's Exit Interview: Tiana Deserves the Prize

By Oxygen

Sarah made it until the bitter end...but she fell short in the most crucial point in the competition and lost the 100K to Tiana. But, if you know this blond bubbly bombshell at all, you know she bounces back very easily and always keeps a smile on her face! Click "more" to read her Exit Interview...and find out a big secret about her friendship with Tiana!  

Talk about some of the difficulties in the final challenge, and why you wound up falling behind in the last and final moment!

The crossover puzzle was so hard! It look simple, but it wasn't. With all the pressure, knowing if you don't get this 1st or 2nd you lose 100k at that moment, Ray J who would not shut up with commentary, and the blocks being heavy, it was extremely hard!
You made it so far!  Does it feel like it was all for nothing, or did you learn a lot from the  competition?

It wasn't all for nothing.  It was a great experience and I made a couple really good friends (Shelly, Steph, Rocky). What others didn't know is that I had an alliance with Tiana since day 1. A couple of times others wanted to put her up, and I convinced them not to. I even convinced her to stay when she wanted to quit. I was happy that she won if it wasn't me!
How are you and your family doing?
We're good. My dad still lives with me, so of course there's some drama. My little sisters love with their mom.  The oldest comes over at least three times a week. We go to the gym, tan, eat, watch All Star Battle together! 

Would you have done anything differently this season, if you could go back?
I would have tried harder in the Battle Bowl. But that's about it. I gave it my All every challenge. 

How do you feel about the ultimate outcome of this competition?

I'm happy for Tiana. She deserves it. Plus, I know I can get 100k regardless. If it was a million, I would be very upset! I really just wanted to win title Baddest Bad Girl! 
What’s next for you?
I do what I always do. Hustle and get money! Currently single, just focusing on myself and my career. I have a few upcoming projects that I have to keep secret as of now. I'm a very ambitious person, and always strive to do bigger and better. I'm working on multiple things. If on a scale of 1-10 of what I want accomplished in life, I would say I'm at about 2-3 as we speak! 

Watch Sarah's Exit Interview!

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