Sex, Love, and Flag Football: Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 5

By Ray J

Okay Battle fans, we made it to Episode 5, and the stakes are getting higher. Only five girls left on The Red Team, and six left on the Gold. All of a sudden they have to make tough decisions, like eliminating friends, good players, or even hookups. No one said the competition would be easy on the Bad Girls’ social lives, though!

In the Captain’s Challenge, the competitors had to hold onto guys who were dangling way up in the air over water. The girls seemed happy at first -- after being around ladies all day they thought they were getting their hands on some strippers! But, turns out, the challenge wasn’t so easy. Their strength and endurance were put to the test, and they had to hold onto the guys (who were really oiled up!) as tightly as possible or else fall into the water. It paid to be light and flexible like Janelle and Elease, who won in the end. Those two really held on, even though Elease’s team was heckling her the whole time, and even though Camilla tried to convince Janelle to lose her grip. They didn’t give up though, and they won immunity!

The Flag Football Team Challenge on the other hand was sort of chaotic. Some of the girls had never played football in their lives, so we had to explain the rules over and over again. There was a lot of confusion on the field and some of them ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. A few of them though, like Valentina and Rocky, had some experience and went hard. Rocky eventually won it for The Red Team despite her injury, because the girl’s like a tank. Also, Elease worked real hard for The Red Team and managed to gain their trust back, for now. 

The Gold Team was stuck putting up two girls for elimination. It was a close vote, but they picked Alicia because she messed up during the football challenge, and Camilla because of all her alliances. To complicate things, Nancy and Camilla started getting busy at night, and Nancy is a very sensitive type and didn’t want to put up her girl.

Elimination got heated when Alicia and Camilla both got loud about their nominations. Both of them are really strong competitors, true, but that doesn’t always work in your favor in this game. Everyone keeps calling Janelle the weaker link, for example, and yet she keeps on winning! 

I can’t stress how emotional elimination time can be. Nancy couldn’t stop crying because she was forced to choose between her friend and her boo, and in the end she sided with Camilla. That little twist may have changed the end results of this episode. Amazing what a hookup will do to change the game! Alicia was voted off, and we're onto a new chapter of insane challenges and betrayals in All Star Battle!

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