Shelly's Exit Interview: "Sorry Not Sorry!"

By Oxygen

Shelly was an alliance queen all season long!  She worked those friends like a beast! But in the end, her heart wasn't in the competition quite as much as the other girls -- but she insists she did try in the challenges! Scroll down to read Shelly's full exit interview, and to find out where she stands with Rocky! 

What have you been up to since filming All Star Battle Season 2?

I have been working on a lot of upcoming projects, like my clothing line and website. I'm trying to not restrict myself to making moves from BGC. These moments won't last forever. 

How did you feel about getting voted off?

I honestly was ready. I felt like if I had made it to the end,  I wouldn't have been able to put 100% in and that's simply just not fair to someone else who could have. I would have loved to make the money, but I'm genuinely okay without it. Beyond that, I'm happy. I think some girls felt like winning that money was going to somehow fix their unhappiness.  

What do you have to say to the accusations that you didn’t try, and were just hoping Rocky would keep you?

It's a joke! The only challenge I truly did not attempt was the gross eating one and that's because I couldn't stop gagging and vomiting. You can put things in your mouth while vomiting. Sorry not sorry. My wrist had been broken in dance class, so having it tied in the last challenge brought on more pain than I'm sure the average person would have felt. But really, when you're competing against people who would be so happy if they win it makes it hard to beast 24/7. Rocky and I are in complete understanding of what happened and have forgiven and continued our friendship like the realistic people we are. 

If you could have stayed on board – what could you have contributed to the competition?

Support and just being the good person I am today. I loved a lot of those girls and really would have been happy either way. 

Would you have done anything differently this season, if you could go back?

Yes I wouldn't have drank as much. Alcohol really changes everything. 

What’s next for you?

Making my life continue to grow in the positive ways it has since the show. I'm happier and healthier, finally truly making moves that are 100% what I want out of life.

Tune in next Tuesday at 8/7c for the finale of 'Bad Girls All Star Battle' Season 2! 



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