Sochi Sarah: Shout Out to Ladies Doing It for Family

By Oxygen

The girls on Battle might be high-drama, but some of them are there for serious reasons. Sarah's family is dependent on her financially, so she's gunning for that 100K in the name of her siblings and her dad. And Sarah's not the only Bad Girl who keeps her family top of mind. Remember Flo? We were reminded of these stories upon hearing about Noelle Pikus-Pace, a skeleton champion going for the gold at the Olympics. Having just undergone a traumatic miscarriage, her family will be ringside (slope-side?) cheering her on in Sochi. In fact, this mother of two wouldn't compete unless her family came with her to train! Learn more about Noelle on NBC primetime tonight and catch a teaser now! Ladies who compete, we salute you.

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