The Final Six: Ray J Recaps 'All Star Battle' Episode 9

By Ray J

We’re down to the Final Six in the second-to-last episode of All Star Battle Season 2. It was crazy seeing the girls that morning and counting how few of them were left!

 Up until now, all the eliminations have felt a little random. Girls would get kicked off just because somebody looked at them funny. But now the competitors can smell that $100,000 – and things are getting real personal, real fast. 

First, I asked the girls why they needed the money. I thought this was a great way to get personal with them and remind them why they’re in the game. Most of the girls revealed that they’re the primary breadwinners of their families, so there was a lot riding on their win. Nancy said she didn’t want to work anymore, and Shelly said she wanted to go to school and spend time with her grandma. It was a really emotional moment. The girls let out a lot of feelings and tears that had been buried in the stress of this competition.

But, back to work!

The Bad Girls Battle Dome was a three-part physical challenge – so it was no surprise that the unstoppable Rocky won. What did upset everyone, including Rocky, was that Shelly appeared to just give up and hand over the win. I think that Shelly did fight extremely hard up until that point and even made it to the final phase  – she may have just been exhausted. But she probably felt a little safer giving up knowing that her friend Rocky would save her in the end.

But, turns out, they’re not even friends! Shelly reveals that she doesn’t even like Rocky, and Rocky puts her up for elimination. You really never know in the Battle house. Rocky also puts up Nancy, who can’t stop herself from dissing Rocky during nominations. It seemed like the competition was just really getting to her emotionally.

Then, under Bad Girl Revenge, the rest of the house put up Mehgan. That’s three girls up for elimination, and two of them are going home. The house voted off Nancy and Shelly, without a single vote going toward Mehgan. We had to say goodbye to two tough competitors, but nobody seemed too sad about it. If they had left earlier in the competition, there would probably have been some hugs and tears. But at this point, everyone is just too tired. Believe me, the camera only catches some of the stress that these girls are under, so I’m not surprised they both left quickly, and bitterly.

Just four girls left, and only one can be the winner. And if you think you know the deal,  think again!

See you at the finale next week!

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