9 Things A Bad Girl Will Have In Her Superstore Cart

From hot pockets to pots and pans to Vaseline.

We're getting very excited for the premiere of NBC's Superstore on Sept. 22 at 8/7c. In anticipation for the new series, we had to stop and ask: what would a Bad Girl put in her Superstore cart? Check out some of the essentials below!

Phone case with external battery - Nothing is lamer than being out at a club and your phone dies. How are you going to take selfies or get an Uber home from the club? No Bad Girl should turn up without her external battery case.

Buy this Mophie iPhone case here.

Hot Pockets – When you stumble home a little tipsy from the club, there's no quicker, easier way to cure your 3am munchies than a quick Hot Pocket in the microwave for 3 minutes. Of course, don't let anyone else eat it or you'll end up on the ground like Jenn and Rocky from season 10!

Buy these tasty af Hot Pockets here.

Home Cookware Set - Bad Girls don't wake up with alarm clocks or iPhones, they get woken up by Tanisha banging pots and pans. 

Buy this 10 piece stainless steel cookware set here.

Makeup remover – Bad Girls wear a lot of make up to make sure they look extra cute for any pics they are posting on Instagram. But part of being cute also means maintaining good skin. Makeup remover helps make sure no one is going to bed and waking up with any outbreaks or blemishes.

Buy these makeup remover wipes here.

Vaseline - Let's be honest, if you're a Bad Girl you're probably going to be getting into some physical altercations. The baddest Bad Girls know to use Vaseline all over their bodies to ensure no one is getting a grip when it comes time to square up!


Buy Vaseline here.

Chipotle Gift Cards - Because after a Bad Girl is done fighting, they must go to Chipotle just like the Victor Twins from season 8.


Buy you and your twin a Chipotle gift card here.

Sunglasses - Bad Girls need to protect themselves not just from the sun and UV rays of Los Angeles, but also from the haters. #HaterBlockers


Buy these cute hater blockers here.

Tea Packs - Because to be a true Bad Girl you've got to be able to spill the tea behind other Bad Girls' backs!


Buy these 312 tea bags here.

Tea Cup - And of course, in order to spill the tea, you have to have the perfect tea cup. 

Buy this amazing mug here.


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