22 Things You Need To Know About BGC16's Zee

"My growth with god and myself would be my biggest achievement."

Bad Girl Zee is focused, growing as a woman and loves a date night with an extra large pizza! Get to know this Bad Girl with our rapid-fire questions and watch the premiere Sept. 20 at 8/7c!

Who is your favorite Bad Girl of all time? Rocky -She didn't let anyone beat her no matter how disgusting she was treated.

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How long was your longest relationship? Three years and counting. 

Who is your favorite male rapper? Tupac is life bruh! 

Favorite female rapper? Nikki Minaj

Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West? Kendrick always he is rapper #2 on my list of favorites 


Who is your celebrity crush? Ruby Rose

What is your drink of choice? Bubbly 

Are you a member of the Mile High Club? Not Yet! (;

Have you ever snatched a weave? hehehehe!!! A few! 

Kardashians: Love or Hate? If you don't LOVE them you a HATER

Sneakers or heels? Im a true Sneaker Freak but nothing sexier than a good heel so i would say Im a lover for both! I'm a SHOE freak! 

Favorite movie? A GOOD scary movie "Rob Zombie" but then again I love me a good Classic "Lost Boys" or "Drop Dead Fred". 

Hit the club or Netflix and chill? Netflix and Chill! We can party together at home!

What is your biggest accomplishment? Not only being able to be chosen for BGC16 but i got home and enrolled to finish college and I'm ready to graduate and get my career going. 

What’s your dream job? I'd love to do Acting as my dream job or host my own T.V show. 

What’s your favorite feature of yourself? Eyes & I have good skin 


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What’s your ideal date? I'm a sucker for romance so flowers petals candles with Xtra large pizza & my man waiting for me. 

Do you have a secret talent? Singer & Actress (;

What’s your favorite book? The given tree Silverstein 

What song gets you in the mood? Depending what mood I'm getting ready for. "Music Lover"

What’s your biggest achievement? My biggest achievement isn't what I've done to help me in my career or finically at this moment. I could say photoshoots I've done or even getting my certification and BGC but none of that to me is as big as me growing as a women this year. My own SELF GROWTH as a better woman/spiritually. My growth with god and myself would be my biggest achievement this year. 

What are your thoughts about Donald Trump? Don't pay attention to the distraction focus on the real competitors 

#BGC16 Social Disruption premieres Tuesday, September 20 at 8/7c!

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