Bad Girls Club 905 Recap: Pretty Girl Bounced

Hola amigas! Que pasa? I wish I could say it was going well for the lovely ladies of the Bad Girls Club, but unfortunately it is very malo.

The episode opens up with the fight from last week where Rima and Erika are going at it because formerly fun Erika went cuckoo and attacked Rima’s parenting skills. Ouch! Julie and Mehgan cheer as they watch while Ashley, the only one with a conscience, cries. Finally a producer pulls them apart and tells Erika she has to go home because one of her punches was particularly violent. Well, they all looked violent to me what do I know? I am just a former spelling bee champion not a Bad Girl. Erika keeps crying that it’s not fair, but I’m happy she’s gone.

Now that their numbers have dwindled, Falen is ready to defect to Rima’s side since she’s bored with being a bully. Congratulations, I guess? She apologizes to Rima for her behavior and I’ll give her a little credit for being the bigger person.

With Erika fresh out the door, it’s time for a new girl whose picture magically appears in the house. Mehgan thinks she’s ugly, of course. Her name is Andrea, pronounced On-drea, Beverly Hills, 90210-style. She’s fun and bubbly and cool, so naturally Julie, Mehgan, and Falen hate her.

Fortunately, everyone else likes Andrea, so it’s a happy time, for now. Mehgan’s a bit jealous, however, because Andrea had a 10 page spread in King magazine and SHE wants a spread in King magazine! Oh well.
Ashley, with her newfound cojones, asks them why they are being so mean to Andrea. Bishes don’t have a satisfactory answer.

However, not all is lost but the girls find out they are going to Carnaval in La Paz. Arriba! They get to stay in a cool house and everything! That night everyone goes out. When they return to the house, Andrea and Ashley stay up and hang out and giggle. This is not okay with Christina, who had fallen asleep alone. She goes bananas on Ashley, calling her all sorts of names including a fat troll. Harsh! Ashley takes it for a while until she finally snaps. Rima tries to break up the ensuing fight. Ashley is truly rattled, and now everyone kind of can’t stand Jersey. When the crazy dust has settled, Christina realizes she was wrong and apologizes to Ashley. They hug it out, but everyone is still wary.

Luckily, it’s time for everyone to go snorkeling on a boat! Everyone, shockingly, is getting along. And then the girls all go on a float to celebrate Carnaval. No punches even!

Finally, it’s time to return to Cabo. Mehgan and Julie drive back with Falen, who they’re worried is becoming too close to Rima. But Falen’s all, whatevs, I’m my own person.

Back at the house, Mehgan continues her role as mean girl when she tries to bond with Ashley. She’s all, you told me used to be skinny, what happened? Oh Mehgan, so tactful. Ashley confesses that she was in an abusive relationship where her boyfriend basically forced her to not eat, leading to her becoming anorexic. Even Julie is touched by this story.

Christina, meanwhile, calls her ex-boyfriend and tells him about her fight with Ashley. She admits she has to work on her temper. Rima apparently agrees, because she talks with Falen about how she wants Jersey out of the house. Home girl is too dangerous!

So what do you think? Will Christina be next Bad Girl shoved out the door???

Till next week—

Liz Out Loud

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