8 Reasons To Watch Episode 10!

By Lindsay Hahn

It's Tuesday night which means things are heating up in Atlanta! From a hot-headed pop off to a steamy one-night stand, we are giving you a dose of all the best BGC moments from tonight's episode. Want to join the conversation? Well, you're in luck. Head on over to Oxygen Live to chat with Valentina at 8/7c. 


8. Mean Girl Moment

Have you seen tonight’s first look? Alicia's offensive one-liner leaves Shannon in tears. Well…that’s one way to end a pop off.  We are kind of confused about what’s going on, but Alicia obviously crossed the line. What do you think? Vote in our poll now.


7. Fly Family

The party don’t stop when Chifly’s family rolls in! A visit from Alicia’s mom and brother brings plenty of home cookin’, lovin’ and their own custom hashtag (#chiflysfamily). To join the conversation, follow us on Twitter during tonight’s episode.


6. Meet Moses

Let us take a walk down memory lane to the time when Raquel “stole” Jenn’s girl crush at the club. Now flash forward to tonight. This is something we never saw coming….drumroll, please. Rocky has an on-again, off-again boyfriend named Moses. Rocky sure knows how to keep things interesting; we never know what’s coming next. 


5. Nancy Gets Naughty 

Nancy knows what she wants…and that’s Alicia’s BFF. Even under the “supervision” of Alicia’s mom, Nancy hooks up in the hallway, then in the bedroom and even in the backyard. This hot hookup may look steamy onscreen but how does it translate in the bedroom? Don’t worry, Nancy loves to kiss and tell! 


4. Moses, Who?

That didn’t take long. It seems like Rocky is craving some Rice. Although Rocky claims this is her “first” time exploring her bisexual side, she wastes no time carb overloading (if you know what we mean). Who doesn’t need some Rice after a long night of drinking? 


3. Seriously Shannon....


ShanRock seriously needs to take a break, especially when one part of the dynamic duo decides to hook up. When Rocky and Rice go at it, Shannon awkwardly becomes the third wheel. Some things just aren’t meant to be a threesome. 


2. Panties Pop Off

We all know Bad Girls are slightly hot-headed. In order to create the perfect pop off, mix in a dose of partying, shots of alcohol and one pissed off Nigerian party princess. Valentina sees red after Shannon accidentally exposes her panties at the club. V might be embarrassed by Shannon, but we're all cringing after watching tonight’s scary showdown. 


1. Frenemy Fight?


Are Alicia and Valentina quickly becoming frenemies?!? As predicted, the group slowly begins to turn on one another after a night of drunken antics at the club. ShanRock is probably enjoying this show with a bowl of popcorn. 

To watch this drama unfold, tune in to a SO new "Bad Girls Club" tonight at 8/7c.



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