8 Reasons To Watch Episode 11!

By Lindsay Hahn

8. Fifty Shades of Valentina

Get scared! This Nigerian party princess has finally cracked. During a heated argument, Valentina pops off with Shannon and then turns her rage onto BFF, Alicia. It was only a matter of time before this ticking time bomb exploded.


7. Rocky and Rice?


Could this be love at first sight? Rocky is hardcore crushing on Rice but with Moses coming to town, she may have a change of heart. Regardless, Raquel is ready to be a wifey and even asks Rice to be her girlfriend. 


6. PDA Moment


These girls can't enough of each other! The next night, at a skating rink, Rice affectionately straddles Rocky on the ground after she takes a small tumble. Picture perfect or slightly inappropriate? We're on the fence.


5. Mr. Money Bags

Shannon is ready to see some "presidentials" and some ice. Be prepared to (finally) meet Eddie aka Mr. Yes. Get ready, Shannon's sugar daddy is coming to Hotlanta! 


4. Hypocritical Housemate


Valentina "accidentally" overhears Rocky on the phone calling Nancy "hella ratchet". Secrets, secrets are no fun, secrets are for everyone! Of course, even though V has talked plenty of smack, she wastes no time "accidentally" telling Nancy. This isn't going to be pretty...


3. Hot & Heavy


Gross! ShanRock is all about the PDA. After a night of heavy drinking, both girls openly swap spit with their man friends. We would recommend they get a room, but that actually happens later.


2. Suited and Booted

Hair ready? Check! Clothes ready? Check! Whole body covered in petroleum jelly? CHECK! Valentina and Nancy prepare for the ultimate pop off against Raquel. 


1. Don't Laugh at Nancy

Lesson learned: don't talk smack or laugh at Nancy. As soon as Raquel comes home from drinking, Nancy decides to pop off. Too bad she doesn't get a chance before (out of nowhere) Valentina jumps Rocky. 

To watch this drama unfold, tune into a SO new "Bad Girls Club" at 8/7c



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