8 Reasons To Watch Episode 2!

By Lindsay Hahn

Well, it definetly got hot in Atlanta last week. We promised you parties, drama and pop offs and we more than delivered during BGC's season's premiere! Are you ready for tonight?!? We've compiled 8 reasons why you should tune in at 8/7 for a SO new episode. Warning: There are spoilers! We know you may want to be surprised, but these teasers are irresponsible. Trust us!

8. Crazy Cry Faces (#CalmDownJanae)

How could we not include these? They are just too good to miss. Poor Janae just can't seem to catch a break. Between the running mascara and snot galore, someone needs to get this girl a proper box of tissues. Can you say: tissues for your issues. 

7. Aw, Makeout Moment!

Young, naive stripper Stephanie. If only we could warn you....but thank goodness we can't! Straight from the set of Love Games, Andre is still looking for love. Catch the two lovebirds in this intimate hotub moment. Do you think Stephanie will be upset when she finds out about Dre's past?

6. Stripper 101

By the time this season is over, everyone in the house (and at home) should know how to perform a decent striptease. This girl has no shame sharing her moves and giving the roomies a few tutorial sessions. Get it girl!

5. You're Toast


We all know Bad Girls are pranksters deep down. After Alicia burns a batch of French toast, she decides to "throw it" at her vulnerable, hung over roommates. OK- we get it. This doesn't seem like a fully thought out, hysterical prank. But when when a piece sticks to Nikki's bare bottom in the shower, we couldn't help but chuckle. Our only hope is that Nikki's comeback is: "You're toast!" 

4. Valentina Gets Violent

Oh no she didn't! Shannon is quickly in hot water (or should we say sink water) when she makes an offensive remark to our Nigerian party princess Valentina. Being the classy Bad Girl that she is, Valentina chooses to throw food at her rather than pop off. 

3. Ew.

We have no words. Ew, go take a shower Shannon. 

2. Party Pooper

Janae was one hot mess during the premiere episode but hey, at least she was entertaining! We don't like this backseat Bad Girl. Who takes a nap in the limo when your at a club?!

1. Bye Bye Bad Girl

'Nuff said. Will one Bad Girl get the boot? Watch tonight at 8/7c for an all new episode!

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