8 Reasons To Watch Episode 4!

By Lindsay Hahn


It's Tuesday night and we're heading back to Hotlanta for a SO new episode! While we're on the subject of hot...get ready to meet the new girl! Janae is out and Jennifer is in! Can't wait until 8:00, we get it. Check out our 8 reasons to tune in tonight.

8. Nikki Needs Her Mommy

Didn't Nikki learn from Janae? Bad Girls don't cry! Nikki calls her mom after a traumatizing pop off with Valentina. What do you think of her response? We think Nikki's mom should be the new cast member!


7. Pop Off 101


Before Nikki vs. Valentina part II, Nikki practices some her all-star pop off moves in the bathroom. We could watch this GIF over and over again... 


6. Tackle Time

Ding ding! And the battle begins! Valentina straight up tackles Nikki to the ground. Trust us, this pop off gets intense! Spoiler alert: hair will be torn out. 


5. Rabies Alert?

After being bitten by Valentina, Nikki thinks she may have rabies and goes to get a tetanus shot. We know, it doesn't make sense. Valentina, the Nigerian party princess, is not an animal! 


4. Shannon's Striptease

When Shannon invites her manfriend Ian over to party, things get a little crazy. More than a little boozed up, she attempts to show off her moves on the stripper pole. 


3. Meet the New Girl

Yay, the new girl is finally here! Janae's replacement is about to enter the house. Who's excited?!? This girl is not only sexy but she has all the right moves (see below).


2. Stripper Showdown

Surprise, new girl Jennifer is a stripper!!! Be prepared for tons of footage of Bad Girls stripping. Watch out Stephanie, looks like the new girl may try to show you up on the pole.


1. Icky Ian

Let's all welcome Ian back to the house! After hooking up with Shannon, Ian tries to convince the new girl to have a threesome. Season 10 Bad Girls may be crazy, but this won't end well! Want to know why? Watch a SO new episode of Bad Girls Club tonight at 8/7c.

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