8 Reasons To Watch Episode 5!

By Lindsay Hahn

Surprise! Are you ready to meet another new girl? It's only episode 5 and these ladies are dropping like flies. When we last saw the Bad Girls, everything was peachy in Atlanta. Just wait for tonight's episode, it's safe to say that things get a little rocky. Tune in for a SO new episode of Bad Girls Club at 8/7. We promise it's full of parties, pop offs and lots of cash money!

8. Haunted House

Stephanie believes the mansion is haunted after she feels an unknown "presence" in the shower. After a psychic confirms a ghost lives in the house, she hints that the ghost is attracted to Stephanie's sexual energy. On that note, Stephanie should just embrace the lovin'. Who needs Dre when you have Bob? #BobtheGhost 


7. Shaving Cream Dream

Obviously, BGC "members" need some sort of initiation. What better way to welcome Jenniffer than with a prank? The girls squirt pink shaving cream all over Jenn when she is sleeping. She then proceeds to eat it - gross! 


6. Meet the New Girl (Part 2)

Nikki's replacement has arrived! Did anyone else think things were getting a bit too chummy in last week's episode? Enter: Cali Contender. This Bad Girl doesn't mess around. She gets down and tries to clean up the "dirt" pretty quickly! (See below.)


5. Toilet Trouble

Upon arriving to the mansion, the new girl is disgusted by the Bad Girl's messy living arrangements. She even dares to call them "ratchet". She (so nicely) decides to "clean" the toilet with Shannon's makeup brushes. Who is this girl?!? 


4. Hot Mess

Who doesn't love a steamy, yummy Hot Pocket? They are quick and convenient - we totally get it! After a night of crazy partying, Jenniffer attempts to refuel with some microwaveable munchies. Unfortunately, she isn't able to enjoy her late night forth meal before the new girl snags a bite. Let's just say this doesn't end well...


4. Mr. Money Bags

Mr. Money Bags aka Daddy Warbucks aka Jerry finally makes an appearance! Shannon's Sugar Daddy has arrived in Hotlanta and he is ready to put out the fire by making in rain. Rain, what? Rain some cash money! Yes, Jerry brings a duffel bag of single dollar bills to the mansion. Get ready for a hurricane.


2. Playas Gonna Play

Jerry needs some attention. After making it rain dollar bills, Jerry decides to "cash in" and attempts to get with every girl in the mansion. Ew. 


1. Beer Bath


Cute, sweet Jenniffer. We didn't think you had it in you! Believe us, this second stripper is feisty. After the heated Hot Pocket pop off, it was only a matter of time before these two clashed again. Looks like the new girl is enjoying her beer bath. What do you think happens next? Tune in to a SO new Bad Girls Club at 8/7c! 

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